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UX Designer Role Opportunity at Mightyverse

Mightyverse is looking for a UX designer who can create products that people will love… if you or someone you know wants to come work with us doing some UX design for a bit, here’s the info:

Mightyverse is building a social network for people to help each other learn language and appreciate the cultural diversity of our world. We’re seeking a passionate, talented UX designer adept at understanding the interconnectedness of design decisions and excited to work on a small team. Everyone here works on a Mac….so in this role, that’s a requirement. This is a part-time contract position for 1-2 months, we’re in the SF bay area, but working remotely is fine, even preferred if you bring a new language to the team!

Must Have:

  • User Experience and Visual Design
  • Experience with Sketch for both responsive design & native iOS
  • Excited about lean UX and agile approaches
  • Ability to Prototype designs for mobile
  • Stellar communication skills: verbal and written, email, style tiles, etc.
  • Effective remote work:  Google Docs, Screen conferencing: hangout, Skype or Screenhero

Nice to Have:

  • Ability to speak more than one language
  • Ability to read Japanese or Chinese
  • Experience with localization
  • Understanding of SEO implications

Technologies we work with are:

  • mobile: iOS, Android
  • Ruby on Rails, CSS / HTML / JavaScript
  • GitHub, PivotalTracker

Please forward this to anyone you think might be a good candidate or send a portfolio link to admin _at_ mightyverse (dot) com with your name and the job title listed in the email subject line.

Mahalo Nui Loa!

Travel to France

A-plume-of-ash-rises-from-002Last couple of days I was at LAX trying to go to Paris. Our flight was canceled three times, so we gave up our trip.
Currently we don’t have a lot of French phrases for an airport situation, but we hope some new phrases will help people.

More phrases for an airport situation are available.

“What time is the first flight tomorrow” in Portuguese

“Is that the last flight out?” in Italian


“What time is the first flight tomorrow” ポルトガル語

“Is that the last flight out?” イタリア語