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Mightyverse, Inc.
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Sausalito, CA 94965

Phone: +1-415.331.6975
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Creative director / Co-founder mightyverse
Paul Lundahl

Partner development / Co-founder mightyverse
Glen Janssens

Chief Geek / Co-founder mightyverse
Sarah Allen

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  1. admin

    Hi Mark,
    We are working to create a useful tool on the internet and mobile devices for people to connect across linguistic and cultural barriers. Today (January 22, 2010!) our very simple iPhone app was approved. It’s free, just search for it and try it out if you have an iPhone. The use cases for Mightyverse are limited at the moment, with the current feature set, but as it evolves and people begin to use it, we are excited about how it can develop. Some of the current uses are “mixed culture” couples (German/American, Japanese/American and Dutch/American) are using a beta version of the app to make lists of phrases that are helpful to them in their relationships. We also had a pilot test of a business person using it in Japan on his iPhone to practice custom phrases that apply to his business, and we have one of our employees using it in Russia right now, while traveling for fun and business. Grabbing an RSS feed to this blog, and our Twitter account (Mightyverse, natch) are good ways to see where we develop. Stay tuned as it develops, we really appreciate your interest.
    Paul Lundahl,
    co-founder Mightyverse

  2. zzepposs

    hey paul, congratulations with the iphone app! gonna check it out right-away!
    (grtz from antwerp!)

  3. admin

    Great to hear from you! The iPhone app is a work in progress to be sure. But it points to where we are going and you can access the entire database from it!
    If you find ways to use it in your life as it is we would love to hear it!

    fond regards,

    Paul Lundahl

  4. Bashar


    This is a brilliant idea. I should note Arabic subtitle is in reverse order. Arabic is right to left language so I think that mixed up the words.

    Feel free to contact me if u need further details

  5. admin


    Thank you for your note. We’ll check it out and get back to you. If you would like to help, we could send you a link to the Google spreadsheet of the Arabic phrases and their translations into English and you could correct any that you have time to. Just email me at feedback at mightyverse dot com.
    Thank you for your interest in Mightyverse!

    fond regards,

    Paul Lundahl
    co-founder, Mightyverse

  6. Halina

    Wonder if there is a way to update a translation that doesn’t sound right after listening to it myself.

  7. admin


    Thank you for the feedback.
    Just use the Suggest a Translation link under the video player. Let us know if that helps or whether you would prefer a different approach.

    best wishes,


  8. Lani

    Kia Ora what an awesome site Tu Meke, would be awesome if you could put more
    Te Reo Maori. It is very helpful for people learning and for pronouncing kupu.

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