When You Can't Click the Flash Player Allow Button

We’ve been working on a very cool web recording feature for Mightyverse. One of the reasons that it is not quite ready for prime time is a bug in the Flash Player where sometimes you can’t click the “Allow” button in the microphone/camera privacy dialog. (It happens when the SWF is not aligned to a pixel boundary, which happens quite frequently in normal CSS/HTML layout.)

Flash Player 10.3 was released on Friday, which is supposed to fix the issue. You can download it here, or you may follow the detailed steps below to workaround the bug.

Right-click (or control-click on the mac) and a menu like the one below will appear:

Choose “Global Settings…” and the Flash Player system preferences will open (sometimes this takes 10-15 seconds). Then select the “Camera and Mic” panel (1) and click “Camera and Microphone Settings by Site…” (2).

A panel will drop down displaying the sites that have asked you for camera or microphone permissions. Click the [+] button in the lower left corner:

Next type the full hostname “www.mightyverse.com” as the site domain and select “Allow” from the popup and click “Add.”

Click “Close” (and optionally close the system preferences window) and then refresh the browser page. Now the privacy dialog should not appear and the site will have access to your camera and microphone. Whew!

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