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無料「日本救援」iPhone、iPad アプ (日本語 – 英語)

「日本救援」iPhone • iPad アプ ローディングページ

「日本救援」アプ ローディングページ




– マイティーバース・チーム

マイティーバース・ジャパニーズ・リリーフ iPhone、iPad アプ (英語 – 日本語) は、こちらからご入手ください。

It has been a month since the Tohoku Pacific Ocean coast earthquake that occurred on March 11, 2011. Japan is still suffering with series of strong after shocks and radiation problems. However, support from inside of the country and foreign countries to Japan continues.

We were driven to do something for the people of Japan and this felt like a small effort that might help. The Japanese-English phrases we recorded are now available.

Please Pray for Japan and the safety of the people.

– Mightyverse team

Japanese Release Pack (Free) is also available.