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Helllllloooooo……. !!

So what’s this Mightyverse thing all about?

Well, we travel a lot. And… we like people… a lot.

A favorite peak...

A favorite peak...

In a normal year, I might spend as much as 10 full 24 hour days or more in the air. When I land, I often find myself in the midst of a new culture for a few days, on assignment as a filmmaker. What that translates to – or more accurately doesn’t translate to – is the need to be able to navigate and connect with people in a language that I’m not native in.

One might argue that English is becoming the language of business everywhere. I kinda prefer to try to connect with people on their terms, or more accurately, in their own language.

So what is someone from the midwest who has taken all of about two semesters of French and a smattering of Japanese classes to do?

Surveying the options I’ve tried over the past several years:

– cram for days before each trip and try to resemble a sponge…
– hire translators wherever I go (how do you say, “that’s not in the budget” in that language?)
– be a maniac with a phrasebook (note to self: improve charades skills……)
– make friends with people around the world and have them be my personal translators (Gomen nasai (I’m sorry!), Shimizu-san!)

We had an idea: what if there was something that would allow us to make someone laugh in their native language? Or to express gratitude in a way that was genuine and authentic to the area we were in? What if we had a global utility that was always there whenever we needed it – online or on our phones – that could answer the question, “How do I say ________ in any language?”

It’s a big dream. One that we can’t hold by ourselves. We invite you to be part of something truly global and truly human – to help us create a community and utility that doesn’t exist yet: to be a part of Mightyverse. At the center of this is a bridge that we’ve been seeking between language and cultures – an enormous collection of native speaker video phrases that are cross-translated into other languages.

We’re excited you’re here.

For now, we invite you to browse through an early smattering of phrases (more than 20,000) that we’ve pulled together in over 20 languages. You’re bound to find holes – that’s part of the journey. Soon, you’ll be able to help us fill those in. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you. And if you’re in the bay area and would like to get more involved, drop us a note – we’d love your help!

Welcome to Mightyverse! There’s much more to come…

Glen Janssens

– co-founder, phrasefarmer