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Free Japanese Relief App for iPad and iPhone is available now!

Japanese Relief App loading page

Japanese Relief App loading page

Japanese Relief Phrasepack is developed for all of the victims of the Tohoku Pacific Ocean coast earthquake that occurred on March 11, 2011.
It’s free. We were driven to do something for the people of Japan and this felt like a small effort that might help. The Japanese-English version is now available here.

Please Pray for Japan and the safety of the people.

– Mightyverse team

ジャパニーズ・リリーフ・フレーズパック(無料)は、2011年3月11日に起きた東北地方太平洋沖地震で、被災された外国人と日本人の皆様のコミニケーションを少しでも手助けできればと思って開発させていただきました。 日本語から英語の翻訳版の「日本救援」アプももうすぐ、アップルのアプストアーで入手できるようになります。(日本語から英語版の「日本救済」アプできました。)



Travel to Europe

A plume of ash rises from the volcano in southern Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull glacier. Photograph: Brynjar Gauti/AP

Photograph: Brynjar Gauti/AP

The last couple of days I was at LAX trying to go to Paris. Our flight was canceled three times, so we gave up our trip.

C’est dommage!

Currently we don’t have a lot of French phrases for airport situations, but we hope some new phrases will help people.

These phrases for airport problems are available here.

“What time is the first flight tomorrow?” in Portuguese.

“Is that the last flight out?” in Italian.

This week we are planing to update phrases for airport problems in European languages . If you are an iPhone user, you will see these phrases show up on your Mightyverse app.







A Word is Not a Sparrow

A New Phraselist, Russian Phrases for Arianna

Arianna, Mightyverse curator, QA fanatic and rabid Farsi learner, heads out on vacation on Thursday. Tonight we cooked up a batch of phrases for her and her sister to use on their first trip to Russia. She has been working long hours this past month and is now taking time off to travel with her doppelganger twin sister in the freezing Moscow winter cold. They cause all sorts of confusion while traveling by dressing alike and pretending to be 1 person, a super thrifty trick twins everywhere use to pay single room rates in hotels and save money at all you can eat buffets.

Hopefully they’ll find great uses for “A word is not a sparrow…” and “We will be making fresh mushroom soup in the evening”. Bon Voyage Arianna!