Language Buddies

One of the use cases for Mightyverse is learning a language. We are starting an experiment of pairing up with language buddies as a great way for people to share their love of learning a language and help each other out.

We’ve paired up Jack (an 11-year old native English speaker), with Daniele (an 11-year old bilingual English/Italian speaker). Jack made up a list of phrases that he wanted to learn in Italian and those that weren’t already in Mightyverse were recorded by Daniele.

Today we launch the “I Like Pie” phrasepack of Italian phrases that Daniele prepared for Jack. You can see it on the homepage of Mightyverse under the “I Like Pie” tab.

Here’s how it works. If you want to learn phrases in any language, just record them in your language and find a language buddy to reciprocate in theirs.

The world just got a little bit smaller.

Interested in becoming a language buddy?
Drop us a line at Let’s be Language Buddies

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